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Terms and conditions of sale

Terms of sale

The client can purchase reproductions online in the Gallery neshergallery.com that are available in stock or can request through the online contact form that the artist Guido Dettoni della Grazia agrees to carry out a new creation (sculpture, painting , digital, performance, multimedia) using all kinds of material and techniques, according to the needs and wishes of the person in charge.

Payment Modes

Payment will be made through the gateway installed online at the Gallery by debit or credit card, Paypal or by bank transfer. Checks are not accepted.


Stocks of unique pieces, numbered editions and engravings are limited. Reproductions, multiple and digital prints are unlimited.


The user must register in order to make a purchase.

Unless otherwise specified, the Gallery requires the customer to fill in the order form and its mandatory fields.

Depending on the type of purchase by the client, the Gallery reserves the right to proceed with the shipment from its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) or from its headquarters of the exhibition MARIA in Assisi (Italy) through the -Cooperative Santa Maria delle Rose-, or from any other platform or workshop that collaborates with the Gallery. Except for instructions given by the client, shipments are made with transport or courier companies. The client is responsible for the shipping costs. Shipping costs are automatically calculated for products in stock. In the case of orders, they will be by means of an estimate calculated on the basis of distance, weight, volume and any particular needs of the shipment.  It is the customer’s responsibility to provide the Gallery with the correct address to which the shipment will be sent.

If the Gallery sends by mistake to an address different from the one specified by the client, the latter will provide the new transport at his expense. If the customer has provided an incorrect address, then, once the consignment has been returned, the new shipping costs will be charged to the customer.

The reproductions and sculptures sent are in good condition, if not, please specify their condition. It is the client’s responsibility to verify that the orders are complete and to inform the Gallery of any discrepancy in the shipment within 10 calendar days following the receipt of the shipment.

The customer has the right to refuse and return the products originally damaged and not due to transport, as damage caused during transport is not the responsibility of the Gallery. In this case, the Gallery must be contacted within 10 calendar days of receipt of the shipment for instructions on the procedure to be followed.

If the delivery is delayed, it generally does not exceed 20 days, “it may be a customs deduction or a loss” and it is necessary to contact the Gallery to track the shipment.

In the event that images of the work are not shown in the description of the work on the website, they can be sent on request.


In relation to all products sold and available in stock, the customer will have a withdrawal period of 10 calendar days from receipt of the shipment. Once the return is received in good condition, the Gallery will issue a code for the amount of the returned pieces, which can be redeemed and discounted at any time for other sculptures.

We do not accept returns of orders that have been executed on the buyer’s specific production request.

Customer protection security

The www.nesher.gallery.com website is protected with one of the most reliable security systems that currently exist. Not only has it adopted the SSL encryption protocol, but it has also strengthened all random and encryption procedures in order to protect as effectively as possible all personal data linked to the means of payment.

The administrative management of this e-commerce site is held by NESHER EDITIONS SL

From 2024, the COOPERATIVA SANTA MARIA DELLE ROSE di Assisi is the beneficiary of the net revenues of this e-commerce due to the “Social Aid Policy” officially adopted.

Via Santa Maria delle Rose 10, Assisi (Italy)
Registered with the Registry of Companies of Perugia on December 7,  2012 , with protocol no. 42.205.