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TAU and MARIA sculptures have been installed at the Praying Chapel of the Franciscan Convent of Bonlanden in Germany

Making and installing these two works of art by Guido Dettoni has been a long process. It began short before the COVID-19 crisis and, now, the Chapel awaits the termination of the renovation of the Faustin-Mennel House, which is part of the Convent of Bonlanden, to open its doors to everyone.
With these images, we invite you to enter within yourself and into a space of prayer and peace.

The TAU Sculpture, 2 meters high is carved in lime wood. The one of MARIA, with the same height, is carved in red Verona marble.

Initially, the Franciscan Sisters had requested the TAU sculpture, but their vision of the dialogue between the Tau and Mary led them to conceive an installation in which both look at each other. They thus create between them a dialogue and a space that involves those who stand in between, looking and internalizing them one after the other.

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