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MARIA Omnia Plena at the Biennal of Contemporary Sacred Art in Menton

Guido Dettoni della Grazia exhibits the artwork MARIA Omnia Plena in the Biennal of Contemporary Sacred Art – BACS, from October 1 to 31 at the Palais des Ambassadeurs in Menton (France).

The third edition of the biennial is dedicated to REDEMPTION. The work Guido Dettoni della Gracia has chosen to participate in it is the new version of his sculpture, MARIA Omnia Plena, as Co-Redemptrix. A title that expresses and synthesizes Mary’s participation in the Saving and Redemptive work of Jesus Christ.

In this edition, works by a total of 165 artists from 37 countries around the world are exhibited, selected by the Biennial Committees:



Liana Marabini (Monaco)
Writer, filmmaker, and patron of the arts. President of the Biennale, President of the Patrons of the Vatican Museums (Monaco Chapter)

Members (in alphabetical order):

Daniel Boéri (Monaco) Art expert President of the Culture and Heritage Commission, National Council of the Principality of Monaco,
Maria Bologna (Monaco) Journalist,
Maria Lorena Franchi (Italy) Art expert,
Mgr. René Giuliano (Monaco) Honorary Vicar General,
Diocese of Monaco, Giorgio Grasso (Italy) Art historian and critic,
Michel Imbert (France) Art historian,
Elisabeth Lev (USA) Writer and art historian Duquesne University of Chicago,
Laura Marsotto (Italy) Patron,
Prof. Mar Morosse (Spain) Professor of Art History, University of New York



S.E.R. Card. Gianfranco Ravasi

Members (in alphabetical order):

Brigitte Boccone-Pagès (Monaco) President of the National Council of the Principality of Monaco,
François Jacquot (France) Collector,
Gary Krupp (USA) Pave the Way Foundation, New York,
Françoise Léonelli (France) Chief Curator Musée Jean Cocteau in Menton,
Prince Nikolaus von Liechtenstein,
Mauro Marabini (Monaco) Collector and patron,
Jean-Luc Marion (France) of the Académie Française,
Princess Maria Pia Ruspoli (Italy) Patron,
Jean Sévillia (France) Historian and writer,
Anne Shea (USA) Patron.

The 21 in (54 cm) enlargement of the work MARIA Omnia Plena arrives in Menton, France, to participate in the  BIENNIAL OF SACRED CONTEMPORARY ART -BACS, after its August 2023 presentation in the Assisis Diocesan Museum and Crypt of San Rufino, in Assisi, Italy.

SculptureMARIA Omnia Plena
Author: Guido Dettoni della Grazia
Year: 2023
Material: White polyamide.
Technique: 3D additive printing with a mesh surface.
Dimensions:  Height 54 cm (1,78 ft), placed on 124 cm (7,4 ft) high iron pedestal.
Edition: on demand.

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